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I thought I’d send you an update and let you know how they are all getting on.

All four of us arrived on Saturday night, considering some of the hellish journeys I’ve had in the past this one was relatively straightforward.

Yesterday I went to Managua and came back in the early evening with Marlon, it was a surprise. I had business with the customs agent up there and had arranged to meet Marlon who is part of my Nica family and is my man here in Nicaragua. He adores the coffee project and helps me co-ordinate stuff. He is also a mini celebrity at Dunhurst school where they have seen videos of him speaking in English about the project.

We arrived here at the laguna to see everyone here chatting away and I just said “well, I thought it was about time you met Marlon” I honestly did not realise that Jo could move that fast. She screamed, leapt off the sofa and almost ran to a shocked but happy Marlon and enveloped him in a massive bear hug. It was truly lovely, Will and Maddie also scrambled to come over and they both hugged him and he was beaming. I don’t have any kids but I can say that was the closest I’ve come in a long time to feeling almost parentally proud. Jo was almost in tears and Maddie and Will were just grinning their heads off. Eat your heart out Cilla……

So that evening all three of them finally got to meet one of the most important elements of the Coffee Fairy puzzle and asked him loads of questions about the community and what it’s like and stuff blah blah blah. Now it’s real and they feel comfortable and happy about the fact that they have met Marlon and had the chance to know him before actually going up there. We leave for Esteli tomorrow, you will be relieved to know that we are taking a mini van to the bus station ; )

Thursday we are heading up to Miraflor for one night to take the clothes up, have a look at the toilets they are building and see what paint we shall buy with the money you raised!

So far so good, we haven’t thrown punches…….yet……and they genuinely seem to be loving the entire experience which makes me very happy indeed to have them here.

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