I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky

Poor Kylie, stuck at that particular time with Jason Donovan, no wonder she was singing in the conditional, I can sing that very same line in the simple present because I do feel that I am incredibly lucky, times four. Ok, before I turn into Pollyanna, who, let’s face it was far too sanctimonious for her own good….I need to explain the whole lucky lucky lucky thing. Please be patient, I have an appalling tendency to digress.

As my time here is limited everything has needed to be programmed down to the very last detail to make sure that we could fit in everything in that we had planned. On our to do list were desks to be ordered, school resources to be bought, water filters to be found and ordered, paint to be bought as well as meeting the coffee producers plus untold amounts of film footage for the schools back in the UK. In short, loads to do.
Now, those of you familiar with my previous Nica trips will know that ‘programming’ ‘planning’ and ‘timetable’ are all non existent words in the Nicaraguan dictionary to be replaced with the more familiar phrase of ‘vamos a ver’ or ’let’s see’ which should send me into a somewhat demonic sense of a loss of control…but in fact I’m finding more and more that I can actually cope with the ever changing rules of this place…and sometimes, (don’t tell anyone) i quite enjoy the challenge.

My initial nugget of priceless information was the news that we would not be able to buy water filters in Esteli, why? Simply put, the man who used to supply them had died a few months earlier and as no one else did them that was it, no more water filters in the entire town…..I am trying not to sound heartless here, I did, sort of, extend my heartfelt sympathies to his family, but how totally and incredibly frustrating that no one else saw that this would be a great business opportunity to start their own water filter business… perhaps there is a mourning period between someone copping it and others cashing in on the potential enterprise that this sad passing could offer.

We put that one on frustrated hold for a while to see out what we were able to achieve. The paint was important because we wanted to change the pre-school classroom and make it as beautiful as the classroom we had painted last summer, there didn’t seem to be an issue there, easy enough to buy the paint and we had two more volunteers turning up to give us a hand with the painting, although more importantly with the preparation, always the worst bit especially when you are picking off super glue from bare walls. Ordering desks seemed pretty straightforward too, as did buying the rest of the stuff for the schools, this wasn’t just going to be a piece of cake it was going to be an absolute pleasure, no wonder I felt lucky. Little did I know…although I bet Pollyanna would have had a good idea.

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