"As a Medical Herbalist I’ve always drunk herbal teas but I was recently given a bag of Hada del Cafe and I’m now a convert. Not only are the deep, rich flavours of this coffee particularly satisfying, also knowing that I’m helping to improve the educational facilities of children in Nicaragua makes me want to support it even more"

Jane Ramsden, Medical Herbalist., Ramsden’s Remedies

About Us

In 2007 a tiny independent company was set up by one woman with a view to importing delicious coffee from a gorgeous but remote community in the northern Nicaraguan mountains. However this wasn’t just about the coffee, her intention, having spent time teaching up there, was to provide better educational facilities for the children.

Martina The company was called The Coffee Fairy and although very much a ‘cottage industry’ in comparison to the larger sleeker coffee giants out on the market it stuck out as something special. It was not only the taste and quality of the coffee that had customers coming back for more (and won it two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards of 2009), but it also secured its place in some of the more exclusive retailers including Harvey Nichols and Whittard, the latter using it as a very popular speciality coffee.

In January 2011 The Coffee Fairy grew up – Hada Del Café was born (Spanish for The Coffee Fairytale) with new packaging, new colours and even a new roast. Hada Del Café is the new kid in town and is hoping to make as much of an impact as one of the most delicious coffees out there.

In the meantime The Coffee Fairy will continue her work to raise money and work with schools both here and in Nicaragua. For more information on how that will happen, visit her page.

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