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A dark rich roast, this is the stronger alternative filter coffee to the medium roast but without any of the bitterness. Deeply rich and deliciously smooth with a velvety aftertaste and subtle notes of chocolate. A perfect full bodied strong filter coffee - my favourite now although I do love to mix this with some of the medium for a delicious flavour. This dark roast is ideally made as a filter coffee but also works well in an espresso mocha stove top coffee pot..




Coffee needs to be stored in a cool dark airtight place.There are those who say it lasts better in the fridge, but if you store it in it's packet in the fridge then you risk it absorbing the smell of everything else sitting alongside it.This also goes a long way to explaining why coffee loses it's perfect 'just opened' aroma and flavour, store it with strong cheeses and garlic etc. and you will have a coffee flavoured with all of those foods. Keep it in it's packet once opened and then put it in an airtight container away from light and moisture and it will have a fighting chance of keeping it's gorgeous taste for up to three or four weeks. Purists argue that beans are kept best in a freezer, maybe, but if they come into contact with any moisture they will not last as long or as well. Mine are happy in the cupboard as long as they are in a sealed jar, although they rarely last a whole three weeks in my house.