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This delicious roast has an intense depth of flavour with a rich undertone and a delicious finish, it's a unique single origin arabica coffee roasted to perfection. It is a rule breaker this particular roast because it's smooth flavour and lack of bitterness lends well to anyone wanting their espresso without the usual teaspoon of sugar added in. This is available in a fine grind and is delicious for breakfast or as an after-dinner coffee. Beautiful made on a mocha stove top, or smooth as silk made in a bean to cup machine.




Before you reach for that medium roast with the intention of reducing your caffeine intake, think again. Generally speaking the longer coffee is roasted for the more of the caffeine is taken out. However it is also down to the brewing method - In London in certain areas it is very trendy to brew medium roast as an espresso, I'm not sure about this, I've tried it and it just tastes watery to me, I also suspect its popularity could well be down to a serious case of The Emperor's New Robes, Then again taste is always subjective. Phil Smith of Capital Roasters who roasts my coffee to perfection described it this way "There are two different aspects to coffee, taste and flavour, the darker you roast something the more you taste the actual roasting flavour and you lose the original flavours of the bean". And for those trying to steer clear of caffeine? Decaf can be a hit and miss situation unless you pick the infinitely superior decaf which has gone through the Swiss Water Washed process, whereby washing the beans using purified water removes 99% of the caffeine while still retaining the delicious taste of the coffee. It’s an easy decision if you are working on reducing those heart palpitations. I do a terrific decaf but only available in wholesale. For now.