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The medium roast was the original Coffee Fairy filter coffee, and for many is a long standing favourite. A well balanced roast with a medium brightness and a fantastic hint of fruitiness. For those looking for a light coffee with a similar taste to the well known Jamaican Blue Mountain then this is a wonderful option. Perfect all day drinking coffee and interestingly more caffeine than the dark roast because the beans are roasted for less time.




There is no easy answer to this, everyone has a different view and taste as I have mentioned before is entirely subjective. I can recommend what I believe makes a great cup of coffee -I think a decent fruity medium roast should be brewed as a filter coffee to really taste the bean, especially a single origin bean, anything more done to it and the taste will be brewed out leaving a watery insipid flavour. I feel the same about my dark roast, it works perfectly as a filter coffee and making it in anything stronger takes away the single origin depth of flavour, although I do know some people like it as an espresso. If I need to make it extra strong I will add less water, but as a filter it works beautifully. I have a gorgeous espresso, it's a fine grind and I have tried it in both a mocha stove top coffee maker and also in a bean to cup machine, both are excellent. I also know customers who drank my espresso as a filter coffee, great flavour but far too much caffeine for me.