"This coffee is the BEST! When I am out I don’t bother with coffee shops anymore because I know I have better at home!"

Jackie Hillman

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that have been asked – some more frequently than others!

Why is there no Fairtrade Association certification?

Fairtrade work very closely with cooperatives, these are organized groups who are able to supply Fairtrade with the quantities they require. We work completely differently in that the farmers we buy from do not belong to a cooperative for various reasons; geographical, financial or simply because they don’t want to. Therefore there is no Fairtrade certification, however we are completely ‘fair trade’.

If the coffee contains no pesticides or fertilizers then why isn’t it certified organic?

Farmers who belong to cooperatives pay a certain amount to belong to one. Part of this money goes towards having the coffee certified as organic which is what their buyers want. The farmers who sell to Hada del Café cannot afford this certification, ironically they cannot afford the pesticides fertilizers or chemicals either!

If I would like you to come and talk at my school what do I do?

Please contact us with your details and we would be delighted to sort that out!

I don’t want to buy any coffee but I would like to contribute to a registered charity for Nicaraguan children.

Please see our contribution page for how you are able to make a difference directly.

Is this as strong as the coffee grown in Italy?

Aha, a trick question! Although they certainly drink a lot of coffee in Italy, it doesn’t actually grow there.

If there’s something you’d like to ask, then visit our contact page and let us know. Don’t be shy! We’ll add some of the most interesting ones to this page.