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Sally Hind


Schools and education are at the heart of both Hada Del Café and The Coffee Fairy.

We are improving both the educational facilities and opportunities for the children in the coffee growing region of Miraflor. In this country talks are given at schools all over the country about the lives of the children who live in these coffee growing communities, and this has inspired some incredible fund raising by kids for kids… knowing how they can make a huge difference has captivated children of all ages and seeing their efforts captured on film makes it all the more real for them.

Schools involved in fund raising so far include:

Dunhurst School


Cannon Lane Middle School


Cranfield Lower School


Seaford College


Kings School


“Dunhurst pupils have raised money to improve and enlarge the Miraflor school and Martina has been able to update us on progress through photos and video footage. This personal approach has made a huge difference to the pupils’ response to the project where they have a sense that their actions have had a direct effect on development. They have also enjoyed their long distance relationship with the Miraflor community, in particular with Marlon who always receives a warm response from Dunhurst pupils when he appears on videos to address to them.”

Louise Banks
Teacher at Dunhurst

“Martina came into Kings’ and presented her story so far. The staff and students were enthused by the fantastic project and Martina’s vision, passion and enterprising spirit.

The students decided on different ways to help promote the Coffee Fairy cause. The money raised went towards desks and chairs for a classroom and a new playground. Kings’ is continuing to follow the exciting new developments in the Coffee Fairy story and looking forward to the future!”

Sue Lawrence
Headmistress of Kings’

“Martina came to visit our school in November 2010 to tell us all about the coffee fairy and her work. We were particularly interested in how the coffee fairy was helping the Miraflor school in Nicaragua. After awonderful talk where we watched a video and saw photographs of life in Miraflor and the changes already being made, we were all inspired to help. One pupil aged 8 even came up to us after the assembly and said to Martina, ’I really want to do something to help the children we saw in the video’. The children were given a list of things to choose to raise money for and they decided on new water filters. So we got busy in our art and DT lessons designing and making Christmas gifts to sell. Since Martina took the money out there the children have been thrilled to see the photographs of how the money raised has been spent. We are looking forward to another project soon.”

Tory Hill
Teacher at Cranfield Lower School