"I think it’s great what you’re doing and the coffee is delicious too! I'm happy to assist to make the lives of others better. I also like that you’ve added boxes on the new packaging of what you’re doing for the children and the people. Lets people like me know that we’re helping to make the difference."

Tiffany Williams

The Coffee

This coffee is grown in plantations across a cloud forest in the northern Nicaraguan mountains. It is protected by a canopy of trees and allowed to develop its full flavour in an ideal tropical climate providing just the right amount of rain, shade and sun.

‘Deliciously rich and velvety, chocolately…very smooth’ – all have been used to describe the coffee.

Coffee should be a pleasant experience, not something that you need to cover up with a tonne of sugar or a bucket of milk to disguise the taste.

Hada del Café coffee is available in a medium, dark or espresso roast, no numbers no flavours, no bitter backlash, just three roasts to suit all tastes, excellent coffee as it should be.

Medium Roast

Well-balanced coffee with medium brightness and a fantastic hint of fruitiness. A perfect all-day coffee.

Dark Roast

Deeply rich coffee. Deliciously smooth and velvety with subtle notes of chocolate. Superb for after dinner.

Espresso Roast

Intense depth of flavour with a rich undertone and delicious finish, a unique blend of the finest full-bodied coffee.

Please see the stockists page for a list of current stockists. If you would like more information about mail order, please contact us on info@hadadelcafe.com.